Bellows Systems is a pioneer in developing custom solutions for Oil & Gas, Power Gen, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial OEM, Waste Water ManagementAutomotive and many other Industries.

Oil and Gas

Bellows Systems is a major supplier of innovative products for the oil  and gas industry. Our products find application in all sectors upstream, midstream and downstream of the industry.

  • Expansion Joints for Natural Gas Compressor Engine Manifold Assembly
  • Expansion Joints for Exhaust from Engine Manifold to Exhaust Stack
  • Exhaust Manifolds for Integral Compressor Engines
  • Downhole Instrument / Data logging Bellows / Vacuum Flask
  • Gas Lift
  • Process Piping
  • FCCU Expansion Joints
  • Separators

At Bellows Systems, we are proud of our heritage as pioneers in developing solutions for the natural gas compression market for many decades. Our exhaust bellows and Exhaust Manifolds are used in all current and legacy brands of integral compressor engines.

Power Gen

Bellows Systems products find varied application in power generation industry from coal to nuclear power plants. Our Exhaust System products are also used in industrial stand-by generation.

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust 
      • Solar Gas Turbines (Saturn, Centaur, Taurus, Mars and all other models)
      • GE LM series Industrial Gas Tubines
      • Siemens SGT series Industrial Gas Turbines
    • Steam Boiler Bellows 
    • Exhaust Scrubber Bellows 
    • Heat Exchanger Bellows 
    • Cooling Tower Downpipe Expansion Joints 
    • Nuclear – Inlet / Outlet to Boiler Feed Water Pumps 
    • Penetration Seal Bellows 
    • Exhaust Manifolds for Industrial Diesel Generators
    Aerospace and Defense

    Bellows Systems has a long legacy of supplying products for aerospace and defense applications. Our quality management systems is AS9100 D:2016 certified for aerospace projects.

    • High Temperature Exhaust Tubing Bellows 
    • Missile Systems Tubular Components and Assemblies 
    • Aircraft Hydraulic Accumulator Bellows 
    • Rocket Ducting Assemblies
    • Fuel Lines

    Bellows Systems has over the years worked together with our client’s engineering teams to develop bellows and other advanced aerospace parts for aircraft and rocket systems. We have extensive experience working with aerospace materials, including high nickel alloys.

    Industrial OEM Products

    Bellows Systems manufactures bellows and Expansion Joints for numerous Industrial OEM applications.

    • Valve Bellows 
    • Bellows for Bellows Sealed Valves 
    • Valve Stem Bellows 
    • Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical Process Plants 
    • Shaft Seal Bellows 
    • Process Piping Expansion Joints 
    • Boiler Feed Pump Bellows 
    • Hot Fluid Transport Piping Bellows 
    Water and Wastewater

    For the water and wastewater industry, Bellows Systems supplies both die formed and hydroformed bellows.

    • Pump Inlet Bellows 
    • Pump Outlet Bellows (HP Expansion Joints) 
    • Municipal Water Tower Piping 
    • Inlet and Outlet Pipe Expansion Joints 
    • Water Piping 
    • Steam Piping 

    Our Kopperman series, hydroformed bellows have been widely used in the municipal water supply industry since the 1940s.


    Bellows Systems can provide OEM or aftermarket bellows parts for automotive exhaust systems.

    • Hose Type Flexible Connectors
    • Exhaust Bellows 
    • Fuel Injection Line Bellows 

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